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Human potential and the nature of reality are indeed interesting topics that have been explored and discussed as long as humanity has existed. 

“I am driven by a passion which is about exploring life and our existence. I like to share my discoveries, so that they hopefully can inspire those who are interested in the same things.”

Titti Nordieng invites you into the concept of virtual reality … a reality that is digital and information based, much like in any computer game.

“Quantum physics experiments suggest that we and our reality are just as digital as our technology. It seems to consist of information and exist only through our minds. Sounds tricky, huh? But it seems to work like this: we receive information through our senses that we interpret based on who we are. This in turn creates the impression that we exist in a physical world. It would mean that our physical reality is simply an illusion, just like Einstein said almost a hundred years ago.”

Is it at all possible to understand reality in its entirety and explain the contradictions in science and metaphysics without losing the thread and start guessing?

“I am exploring a reality model developed by physicist and scientist Tom Campbell. It’s a scientific theory about consciousness—My Big TOE. And No, it’s not about a virtual big toe. You see, TOE or Theory Of Everything, is a well-known concept within physics, a sought-after theory that explains science and its paradoxes from the big picture. Campbell’s TOE builds upon 40 years of research and enables a new way of thinking about reality—a new way of understanding physics, as well as understanding who and what we are, and why we are here.”

Tom Campbell’s reality model represents a big picture perspective that unites the objective and subjective worlds of mind and matter, physics and metaphysics, normal and paranormal, secular and religious …. and leads to both a better, more comprehensive physics and a more peaceful, giving, and loving approach to life.

Could it be that we are facing a scientific paradigm shift that explains both the meaning of life and the unanswered questions of science?

Communication & Ninetyfive

Titti Nordieng runs her own business in Ninetyfive AB, which offers communication that inspires development – within organizations and people. She is a university-trained communicator and a certified coach.

Ninetyfive is about a communication concept designed to tap into unexploited potential that can lead to further understandings and development. In organisations and in humans. Ninetyfive has to do with humans’ tendency of getting stuck in a rut. Human beings have around 60 000 thoughts a day, and about 95 percent of those thoughts are the same as yesterday. If we continue thinking the same, we override the potential for new ideas and growth.

“You may wonder, how can communication encourage organizational development? Well, it can for instance support the digitalization in large companies, or help employees understand the business plan at a personal, team and company level, or even create connections and productive collaborations to support people in making purposeful choices at work.”

As a Communication Manager Titti Nordieng has successfully communicated technical deployments worldwide.

Titti Nordieng

“Finding words and storytelling for what is perceived abstract is an important part of my communication. We can all understand most stuff, if we just make it understandable.”