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Life as an Avatar

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re in the middle of a game, trying your best to make the choices that will propel you forward so you progress? A bit like the movie The Truman Show. And behind the scenes there is a producer who gives you challenges and rewards.

“Wow, is this an indication that we are living in a virtual reality?”
“Well, it is getting difficult to argue against that possibility. Come on, let’s find out more.”

Reality is information

Quantum physics experiments suggest that we and our reality are just as digital as our technology. It seems to consist of information and exist only through our minds. Sounds tricky, huh? But it seems to work like this: we receive information through our senses that we interpret based on who we are. This in turn creates the impression that we exist in a physical world. It would mean that our physical reality is simply an illusion, just like Einstein said almost a hundred years ago. However, now we’re in the 21st century and we are just about to reveal facts that have the potential of taking humanity though a paradigm shift that can lead to a better ’virtual world’.

Mainstream science says that we live in an objective physical reality where matter is fundamental. However the theory that our reality is information based is increasingly supported by physics institutions at universities the world over, as the experiments cannot be explained in any other way. On the other hand, what it is that generates virtual reality is a matter of speculation. It cannot simulate itself. So, who are the players and where is the server?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
it’s time to introduce Physicist and Consciousness researcher Tom Campbell

My Big TOE – A Theory of Everything

Tom Campbell has developed a scientific theory about consciousness—My Big TOE. And No, it’s not about a virtual big toe. You see, TOE (Theory Of Everything) is a well-known concept within physics, a sought-after theory that explains science and its paradoxes from the big picture. Campbell’s TOE builds upon 40 years of research and enables a new way of thinking about realitya new way of understanding physics, as well as understanding who and what we are, and why we are here.  His model of reality represents a big picture perspective that unites the objective and subjective worlds of mind and matter, physics and metaphysics, normal and paranormal, secular and religious …. and leads to both a better, more comprehensive physics and a more peaceful, giving, and loving approach to life.

Campbell and his research team has published a series of peer-reviewed quantum-physics experiments in the International Journal of Quantum Foundations, that have potential to provide evidence that our reality is virtual and therefore information based.

Tom Campbell has worked at the cutting edge of science and technology at NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NMD (American National Missile Defense), and the Monroe Institute. As said before he has developed a scientific theory about consciousness. Based on this theory, Campbell states that it is time to take a step further and, through experiments in quantum physics, test the hypothesis that our reality is simulated.

On June 17, 2017, Campbell and his research team published a series of peer-reviewed quantum-physics experiments in the International Journal of Quantum Foundations. He also founded the nonprofit organization CUSAC (Center for the Unification of Science And Consciousness). Campbell’s experiments have the potential to rewrite science in general and physics in particular, and provide evidence that our reality is virtual and therefore information based. That evidence would open the door to a new scientific paradigm.

Campbell’s experiments are being carried out by a team of credentialed academic professionals employed by an American West Coast university that is under a year-long contract to CUSAC to perform the experiments. The team is in the process of gathering the proper equipment and negotiating the learning curve required to set up the first experiment.

As results become available, irrespective of how they turn out, Campbell will provide a full-disclosure and explanation of the results in various public forums such as YouTube videos, the CUSAC web site, and at his speaking events.

The Avatars and the players

Let’s take a first step into the game. If our reality is information based it would mean that our bodies and our reality are virtual, in other words our bodies are the Avatars. Well, then the question arises, Who are we then and who are the players? Since the Avatars exist in this physical reality, it’s logical that the player and the game-server exist outside our physical reality, for that is the way a virtual reality works. So, if the players and the server are not physical, what are they? And what are we?

Campbell’s model suggests that both the players and the server are consciousness. That would mean that every human in form of consciousness is logged on to an individual data stream that comes from a server. This data stream defines our Avatar and our reality via our senses; we receive and interpret information that makes us see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Consequently, we as consciousness, experience that we have a body in a reality. From this perspective, it is not our virtual brain but our consciousness that is the player and that makes decisions about having pizza for lunch or whether we will cancel our subscription to Netflix. Not only that, this view even explains the problem that the brain does not seem to produce consciousness.

There is much speculation in the debate about our virtual reality’s existence, let’s explore some viewpoints.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is not alone in his assumption that humankind’s players exists in a more advanced civilization. The question is simply who would have the patience to play these earthly Avatars 24/7 and see to that they go to the bathroom, stare at a monitor at work, or lie still in bed when they have the flu? It doesn’t seem like a very meaningful or exciting game. And we never come across people frozen in pause mode when their player has taken a break. That other civilizations might play us is also a functional impossibility because both the server and the players must exist outside of the Avatar and game reality, that is, not on another planet in the same physical universe.

Professor Edward Fredkin speaks of the ultimate computer as the source of the simulation. He says that it exists outside of our physical universe.

“As to where the Ultimate Computer is, we can give an equally precise answer, it is not in the Universe—it is in another place. If space and time and matter and energy are all a consequence of the informational process running on the Ultimate Computer then everything in our universe is represented by that informational process. The place where the computer is, the engine that runs that process, we choose to call ”Other”.”

Physicist John Wheeler, who defined the term “black hole,” also coined the expression “it from bit” which defines reality as digital,  draws a line between physical reality and its information source.

”Otherwise put, every  it—every particle, every field of force, even the space-time continuum itself—derives its function, its meaning, its very existence entirely—even if in some contexts indirectly—from the apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions, binary choices, bits. It from bit symbolizes the idea that every item of the physical world has at bottom—a very deep bottom, in most instances—an immaterial source and explanation; that which we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes–no questions and the registering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe.”

The Hungarian-American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Eugene Wigner predicted that our exploration of the outer world will lead to the scientific conclusion that the content of consciousness is the ultimate universal reality:

”It will remain remarkable, in whatever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the scientific conclusion that the content of consciousness is the ultimate universal reality.”

Physicist Albert Einstein had many thoughts about our reality. In one of his quotes, he says that reality is an illusion:

”Reality is simply an illusion, though a very persistent one.”

Campbell’s theory addresses a perspective that implies a radical change to our current reality model. It opens the door to the big picture and explains what is beyond our physical reality.

Okay, it’s time to turn the fundamentals upside down to see if this theory can give humanity a new perspective that can lead to a more peaceful, giving, and loving approach to life.

 The purpose of life

A virtual reality is always created by digital information. This would entail that consciousness consists of digital information and acts as the underlying system that generates our reality. Campbell refers to it as a conscious, evolving, social, limited, not perfect information system that we are all a part of as individual units in constant interaction.

Now, let’s stop for a moment to reflect on an essential question: how does an information system survive and develop? The answer is obvious once you hear it: by creating information! And we are now approaching the probable source of our existence—information in evolution. Can it be that Campbell’s theory answers the big question about the meaning of life? Perhaps we can discern a purpose that has to do with inner growth, which in addition seems to contribute to the evolution of a gigantic conscious information system of which we are all a part.

In this line of reasoning there is a probable explanation as to why our reality seems to be designed like a game that delivers challenging experiences. Well, they trigger us to make choices and experience the consequences of those choices, which makes us evolve, or level up as gamers say. Can it be that choices that creates coherence and collaboration and has to do with caring, make us grow and facilitate the evolution of our consciousness? From a functional perspective we would then create information in the underlying consciousness system. And if we turn that around, egoistic, unhelpful, fear-based choices wouldn’t only cause a mess in our virtual reality, but also in consciousness, of which we all seem to be a part of.

Okay, what would you say if you got the following offer:

Give away one minute of your life, and during this minute you will live 10,000 compressed lives. Each life will be 80ish years long, and these lives come together to strengthen all your positive attributes so you really get your true self at your full potential. You would get rid of all the fear that creates irritation, insecurity, stress, negativity, worries, judging etc. Instead you would become empowered, loving, confident, happy, caring, grateful and patient.

Would you say yes to such an offer?

This is of course a way of taking virtual reality to its extreme, but if we had the technology to do this, we would, right?

You may want to read the above section a few more times, since it’s way more trickier to swallow and digest than a lovely chocolate bar.

The Inner Evolution

The battle between good and evil and the quest to grow up and mature has always been a fundamental theme in human development and storytelling. Much suggests this development can lead us from fear to love. But what is love? Campbell describes love as the opposite of fear. He believes that love is about others, not about the self. Love expresses understanding and care for others. It creates cooperation and joy. Love is a genuine intention to give and contribute. What if we choose to accept the challenge of evolving towards love, which seems to be the elegant purpose of life.

So, what about fear? What if the fears we carry keep us from being all that we can be. Isn’t it time to examine fear more closely to see how we can get rid of it?

For many people, fear is perceived as a sign of weakness—something that only applies to others. We might think fear only arises when watching scary movies or facing extreme heights. But what if fear plays a role in our everyday choices, subtly degrading our consciousness and limiting our potential? Fear can hide behind layers of protection, fueling negativity and leading to behaviors such as being demanding, needy, self-centered, judgmental, worried, arrogant, violented, insecure, or feeling stressed. In fact, self-centeredness is one of the clearest indicators of fear, where our intentions focus primarily on ourselves—our time, needs, careers, and possessions.

Each person experiences a unique mix of limiting fear patterns, which can feel like real threats. However, they are often just exaggerated ”paper tigers” given too much power in our thoughts and emotions.

Mental Fitness Program

Looking for a fun and simple way to build daily routines for addressing fear? Consider the highly recommended six-week program developed by Positive Intelligence® and endorsed by Tom Campbell. This program functions as a mental boot camp, offering daily exercises to reduce fears and strengthen inner power, well-being, and creativity.

You can order the program through Titti Nordieng, Ninetyfive, and access this transformative experience developed by Positive Intelligence®.

Tom Campbell on the Positive Intelligence course …

Don’t believe anything

You may think that what you have learned so far on this site sounds pretty unbelievable, or you may think it sounds too awesome to be fact based.

Whatever you think, don’t believe anything you read here, nor reject it as nonsense. Instead, it may be a better idea to stay both open and sceptical and perform your own reality experiments. As soon as we start believing in things we are likely to close the door to new understandings and get stuck. Instead we can estimate things to be more or less likely and replace ”Is it true or false?” with ”Is this information useful?” By exploring the nature of reality with an open and sceptic approach we are likely to develop a life style where useful insights and inner growth are core.

True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

Could it be that Socrates wisdom builds the foundation of an exploratory approach? It would of course mean that we’d had to equip ourselves with a lot of courage, persistence and motivation, and leave the black-and-white categorical thinking to enter a gray zone. We would even have to leave our belief in how everything works. On the other hand we would be free to seek new knowledge and try it out in our lives. We would live with both questions and uncertainty until we found answers that would move us forward.

We would not distinguish knowledge as true/false or right/wrong. We would see the stuff we encounter as more or less likely. Instead of fighting about who is right or wrong we would ask questions, share information and discover things together with others.

“My name is Titti Nordieng, and I have explored Campbell’s reality model for several years. It has actually worked out so well that I find it crazy not to tell you about it. As a matter of fact it’s been an awesome life changer.”

Titti Nordieng runs her own business in Ninetyfive AB. She is a university-trained communicator and a certified coach from Gothenburg. 

”I hope that this site will give you inspiration and motivation to take a metaphoric step into the game, and maybe discover a new way of approaching your life. You may find a life style that has a tendency to move inner growth and caring for others to the top of your bucket list and give your life a deep purpose. 🙂

Just let me know if you want to engage me to share this information in another context. We would take a deeper look at Campbell’s reality model to see how it applies in our lives. I’m also happy to share further details about the Positive Intelligence program. Use the links below to get in touch.

And please feel free to connect with whatever you’d like to ask or share!”

The content of this site is based on Titti Nordieng’s personal interpretation of Tom Campbell’s reality model My Big TOE. Use the social media links in the section about Campbell’s reality model to learn more directly from the source.